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Subjectgcc static/dynamic libc default

I have compiled a kernel on a new machine that I had not used for
compiling before, and it seems to work. However, upon attempting to
compile another package, which on older machines always uses libc
dynamically, I find that on the new machine the package gets libc
statically linked. Even completely re-installing my compiler I still get
the same result. I am using gcc 2.7.2 on the old machines and on the new
machine; and the libc is 5.4.38 on all the machines. Is there some kind of
config file someplace in which one tells gcc whether the libc should be
linked dynamically or statically? The applciation's own shared library
gets linked dynamically, but libc does not. What would cause that? Will it
affect the kernel that i compiled with it? The kernel seems to be the same
size as normal but I am concerned because obviously SOMETHING is different
on the new machine. How does one tell gcc not to link clib dynamically yet
link other libs dynamically? More importantly, how can i go back to the
normal behavior seen on other machines, which is to have libc linked
dynamically to stuff that I compile?

Do I need to go to some kind of gcc mailing list for such a question? If
so, where?

Blessed Be. -MarkM-

We do remote Linux install, config, support and administration. Inquire.
"The saddest thing is they WANT to be ignorant, INSIST on it in fact."

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