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SubjectRe: CD Filesystem still broken!

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Erik Andersen wrote:

> OK, I have looked into this and here is what I found...

> Next, I checked the video game CD. No problems, both DOS and Linux
> listed the exact same files. I am glad to report, therefore, that I was
> completely unable to reproduce the problem you describe. Perhaps you
> could be so kind as to substantiate your bug reports in the future with
> conclusive evidence demonstrating the problem. I could have used my
> time doing something more productive after all...
> -Erik

Well, Erik, I didn't put a gun to your head and prevent you from "..doing
something more productive..". If you want proof the problem exists, go
out and buy the O'Reilly Tcl/Tk book and try reading the accompanying CD
(see my followup message of last evening).

To the extent that I should have used more than one CD to evaluate this
symptom, I plead guilty. Nonetheless, I could do without your
condescending reply. When a given symptom occurs 100% of the time under
2.1.x kernels and 0% under 2.0.x kernels, how much more substantiation
would you like?

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