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SubjectRe: Problems with 3C905 and Linux
At 22:42 22-10-97 +0100, I wrote:
>Now, this Monday, when the University's network started getting busy, the
>Linux box quickly went down. No messages in the message log, no console
>messages; just a freezed Linux box. CTRL-ScrollLock and SHIFT-ScrollLock
>worked, but I didn't have time to write down the info - I quickly
>re-installed the old 10mbit NE2000 card and the server went back online
>without further problems.
>The driver-version of the 3c59x.c file in kernel 2.0.31 is "0.44 9/9/97".
>On I saw that there
>is now a version "0.46C 10/14/97".
>Has anyone tried version 0.46C with a 3C Boomerang card running 100 mbit?

I have now tried version 0.46C of 3c59x.c (dated 10/14/97) - without luck.
The server freezed in the same manner after about 20 minutes. No obvious
specific action trigged the freeze.


Summary: Server freezes with clean kernel 2.0.31 (and - I have now
discovered - also with an updated version of 3c59x.c). Network support
compiled staticly into kernel; no support for other network devices.
Network card: 3Com Fast EtherLink XL PCI (alias Boomerang) (3C905-TX rev.
B) running at 100Mbit. Computer: Pentium, HX-motherboard, 32MB RAM.

Greetings from Troels Arvin, Copenhagen, Denmark

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