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SubjectRe: wierd problem with 'make dep'
Ralf Baechle wrote:
> There is another bug in mkdep. mkdep mmap(2) the file to work on. The
> algorithem it uses may access upto 6 bytes beyond the end of the mapped
> file. If those 6 bytes happen to be on the following page, the kernel
> will send mkdep into the kingdom of happy signals. This however only
> happens for more strictly standard conforming implementations of mmap
> (like when crosscompiling on Solaris or IRIX); by my interpretation
> Linux's isn't.

Hi Ralf,
Are you saying the Linux mmap implementation needs to be fixed to
conform with the expected standards? If so, if you can give me a
pointer to where the behavior is incorrect I'll take a look at the code.


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