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SubjectRe: serial input overrun(s) using ide-cd
> >On a 386 with no cache. Man that'd be clever.
> You're pretty quick to dismiss the possibility that there's something
> wrong with the linux kernel and/or IDE code.

This box failed to run 386BSD equally well. That doesn't prove
it wasnt just a pile of **** of a box or that 386BSD at the time had
identical or different bugs (given the price I paid for the 386sx board
anything is possible)

> Unless it can be shown to be "all cases" you have said nothing to
> discredit or rebut Richard's suggestion.

His suggestion doesnt explain the 386 cases. I can believe it is valid
for 486's in some forms. Reading chipset errata makes that kind of thing
all to believable - but his is not the whole explanation for all cases

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