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SubjectRe: Mono monitor support?
On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Dave Wreski wrote:

> > said:

[ snip ]

> > I have had getty running on the mono screen, with tty1-3 on the VGA and 4-6
> > on the mono. If you want that, go for GGI.
> I had the mono monitor running X a few years back, in conjunction with my
> Trident 8900D, just as an exercise. Now I have a Matrox, and I understand it
> may be possible to run another SVGA card in conjunction with that.

Should be *possible*, although the GGI Matrox Millenium driver is
newish and I don't think it can run MMIO-only yet, which is necessary for
multiheading. Right now, the only SVGA-SVGA multiheading we have working
is between any number of S3 cards and any one other card, but that should
change very soon as the other drivers mature.

> GGI isn't a finished product yet, correct?

No. We are still alpha, although a lot works already.

> Is it a user-level program, or does
> it require kernel patching?

LibGGI can run without the kernel patch in a window in X by
setting its display target to X instead of the kernel. You aren't going
to get multiheading without the kernel patch and drivers, however.


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