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    SubjectRe:Using both serial ports at the same time, Summary please ...
    At 12:16 PM 10/12/97 -0700, Mr. James W. Laferriere Network Engineer wrote:
    > Hello Nicholas, Please be kind & post a summary ? Tia, JimL

    Ok, it was pretty straight forward:

    The problem
    I could only open and use 1 serial port of my 2 built in ones at the same
    time. They were set for the normal IRQ' and ports for COM1 & COM2.

    If I had one open (say a PPP connection) and attempted to use the other
    (say, as a serial terminal [agetty ttyS1 9600]), both would SLOW DOWN to
    amazing levels (like 10 characters per minute).

    As soon as I closed either port, the other would come back up with no
    problems and no errors.

    All the time, the kernel never reported any problems. I did not test this
    under any other OS than Linux as I don't have any other installed on that box.

    I tried in my AMI bios to move the serial ports to various other settings
    (ie, COM1-COM4) to no effect.

    The solution
    I put in an internal modem into my 'puter, set it as COM3 and dialed out to
    my PPP account.

    I then attempted to use on of the two inboard ports. No problems!! If I
    tried using all three, the two built-in ones would exhibit the same problem
    as before, but the third would happily buzz along.

    The Results
    My mobo's serial ports are fried :( I traded my external 36.6 modem for an
    internal variety and everything works as expected.


    simple is elegant

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