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SubjectRe: mcd-driver and joliet
I don't know of a really good reason for the existance of mcd, except
that it came first. I have already ported the mcd driver to the Uniform
CD-ROM driver for the 2.1.x series (still in my private development tree)
and the port of mcdx is next in my list of things to do. I really don't
know why there are _two_ Mitsumi drivers in the kernel. Certainly one of
them should be eliminated, and mcdx seems to be cleaner and more
featureful (I have carefully read both drivers (I wish I knew where the
spec for the Mitsumi is hiding)).

I suppose that if noone can think of a good reason to keep the old mcd
driver around, I could completely drop it from the kernel as part of my
CD-ROM update for the 2.1.x kernel. I pulled an old Mitsumi drive out of
my basement, but I can't say I have ever really used either mcd or mcdx
except for my on-going porting effort. Is anybody out there really
attached to the mcd driver, or should I drop it from the kernel? Does the
kernel really need two Mitsumi proprietary CD-ROM drivers?


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On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Christian Rost wrote:

> Today I've found out that's impossible to mount a joliet-cdrom with the mcd-
> driver (Kernel 2.1.56) on an old mitsumi double speed cdrom-drive (with his
> own controller-card), neither Joliet-Level 1 nor Level 3:
> > mount -t iso9660 /dev/mcd /mnt
> mount: block device /dev/mcd is write-protected, mounting read-only
> mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mcd,
> or too many mounted file systems
> On the other hand mcdx works fine :-)
> Now is there any significant reason to use mcd instead of mcdx ?
> Ps: Is it possible to use an old CPS SoundblasterPro4 instead of mitsumi's
> proprietary controller card ?
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