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12 Oct 1997

[New] Mono monitor support?Dave Wreski
  Re: TX Motherboard patch [email protected] ...
  Re: TX Motherboard patchAndrew Kieschnick
[New] Sound errorBob Taylor
  Re: network lockup in 2.0.31-pre10Hans-Christoph Rohland
  Re: Blank from keyboardOlaf Titz
[New] tunable parametersgreg
[New] Re: Snapshot, mostly bug fixes and cleanupsNoel Maddy
[New] Re:Using both serial ports at the same time, Summary please ..."Mr. James W. Laferriere Network Engineer"
[New] Re: [linux-security] Malicious Linux modules (fwd)Chel van Gennip
[New] Re: laptop + 2.1.57 resetting before printing "Uncompressing Linux"Steve Dunham
[New] Re: AMD k6 cosmetic problemsUnix Support
[New] NEC CD-ROM ChangersLinux Kernel
[New] nfs client. Error 111 on mount."Peter T. Waltenberg"
[New] Re: cyrix patch: where???Unix Support
[New] byteorder-2.1.57.patchFare Rideau
[New] 2.0.31pre9 panicElliot Lee
[New] recommended kernel patches for 2.0.30Grant Beattie
[New] OFFTOPIC Most compatible binary w x86/iBCSJohn Heil
[New] linux and block device drivers?"Richard S. Gray"
  Re: tunable parametersEdward Welbon
[New] *Semi-Off-Topic* Unix-on-Intel players work on a common binary (fwd)Linux Developer
[New] 2 questions - ATX power-off + submissionsTim Hockin
  Re: Mono monitor support?Tom Diehl
  Re: nfs client. Error 111 on mount.Chris Powell
  Re: nfs client. Error 111 on mount. ACK!Chris Powell
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