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    SubjectRe: Memory deallocation problems
    On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Jake (not the snake) Messinger wrote:

    > And one other thing. I have 96 megs on a triton II board witht he intel
    > 430vx chipset. SOmeone on #linux said it wont cache past 64megs. First of
    > all, is that true, 2nd what exactly did he mean, 3rd, should I be
    > concerned with it, 4th, is there a better motherboard I should get?

    Don't believe everything you read on IRC. He was thinking Triton I.
    Triton II will happily cache lots more than 64mb if you have enough tag.
    On a Tomcat I|II|III (popular Triton II board), you can cache up to 64mb
    by default, or 512mb if you buy/install an extra tag chip.

    If you had 96mb on a Triton I, the last 1/3 of your RAM would not be
    cached, and if you actually used that RAM, things would possibly slow

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