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SubjectRe: Confirmation requested
On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Wayne Johnston wrote:

> After trying in vain to get Linux running on my PC I have been advised that
> it can't be done - at least, not if I want to maintain a DOS partition on
> the same PC. I've been told that the boot sector hack that allows DOS to
> recognize a hard drive over 512 MB is incompatible with Linux. Is there
> really nothing I can do apart from investing in new hardware?

No! :) I was told the exact same thing, but I eventually was able to get
linux working on my piece of crap PS/1 (despite all odds).. The way you do
it is have the boot sector hack remain in the MBR, and tell LILO to write
to the primary partition INSTEAD of the MBR. This way it wont modify the
hack that you need to access your harddrive. You may need to use DOS's
fdisk beforehand to specify which partition you want to boot off of (the
one LILO is writing to is the one you want)..
Since I have two harddrives and I was only allowed to boot off a partition
from the first harddrive (where all my dos stuff is), I created a very
small ext2 partition using FIPS and use that to boot off of.. And my root
is mounted from the second harddrive.
FYI I use EZDRIVE (good utility available on WD's web site), and I use it
with floppy protection off .. (some dumb hack that hides the partition
table from anything but DOS)
Anyhow, good luck, and don't give up... there's always a way. (and linux
is worth the trouble).

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