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Subjectreserve= not working, drivers fail to do check_region
Lots of drivers seem to forget to do check_region when probing for

Therefore I am asking device driver maintainers to add the apropriate
check_region calls to their drivers.

This lists some candidate drivers (searched from 2.1.20):

$ find -type f -name '*.c' ! -exec grep -q check_region {} \; -exec grep -q request_region {} \; -print

Also, there are some that do check_region sometimes, but not before
I/O during the probe at boot time.


Many drivers do I/O without check_region if user gives the address or
the card is in PCI devices. I do not think they should, since they'll
fail at request_region. Most net drivers based on the skeleton are
like this.

I am fairly certain I could do the fixes myself, but I can not
possibly test them.

Would be great to have the fix in 2.0.x, so that I could use stock
Linux on a problematic machine. I ran into problems trying to run
Linux on a machine with a built in watchdog which can not be disabled
(and is not supported by Linux). It seems a probe activates the
watchdog and the machine resets shortly after. reserve= does not help.

Btw, drivers/scsi/53c7,8xx.c seems to have unused NCR53c7xx_detect
function (not to mention inconvenient file name as etags breaks
because of it).

Marko Kohtala -,

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