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SubjectRe: Since no one else has stepped forward: 'ZeroD' patch
In message <>you write:
>} Ingo Molnar <> writes:
>} > Here is a patch that implements 'ZeroD', a simple kernel thread that uses
>} > up CPU idle time to keep a pool of pre-zeroed pages around. Almost
>} > anything that doesnt burn 100% CPU time all the time should benefit from
>} > this.
>} Hmm, did you check that this hasn't a bad effect on the cache memory when
>} a cpu intensive process has to sleep for short times?
>} A /proc/sys interface to tune it would be nice too.
>This would also presumably affect the heat production of the CPU -
>especially on hot Cyrixs!
>Does it spend all the idle time doing this, or just a part??
Just a part, until its zero-page-pool is full. The patch uses
a size of 50 pages. Bad interactions with the 1nd./2nd. level
cache could still happen though (on the Alpha and on the Sparc
platform too). We would at least need some benchmarks to check
that it is worth the effort.


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