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SubjectRe: Why no Cyrix patch in 2.1.20?

byron@morticia.PHYSICS.ColoState.EDU said:
} Could you please apply the appropriate parts of the latest cyrix patch
} to the next kernel?

} The VSPM options are known to give problems, but everything else is
} very useful, and could save a few cyrix users some concerns about
} heat.

The patch you enclosed was for 2.1.7 and will not work on a 2.0.x series
kernel. There is a reworked patch in the patches on

However there is a problem with some Cyrix processors which is very hard
to pin down, but is related to the 6x86 enhanced features. This means it
is only *safe* to use the extra CPU detection code and all other features
need to be disabled, unless you are *sure* they work on your machine.

Mike had an idea for what was causing this problem, but no fix to my

[However the CPU detection does switch suspend_on_halt on as a side
effect, so the melting CPU problem is fixed.]

I think I'd still leave this out of the main kernel development line for
2.0.x. [if you have a Cyrix aware BIOS it should have set suspend_on_halt]

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