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SubjectRe: Display and keyboard drivers configuration option for embedded systems
On 7 Jan 1997, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Not really. The keyboard port really *is* just a serial port (with a
> non-UART hardware interface very similar or possibly identical to the
> PS/2 mouse port) and we're already doing SLIP and PPP as line
> disciplines. It might be useful to do a keyboard line discipline

I believe the hardware _is_ identical. It would be amusing for somebody
to do a driver so that you could plug a second keyboard into your PS/2
mouse port. Quite what you'd do with it then, I'm not sure, but I imagine
people will think of something, given a sufficiently sick imagination. I
suppose buying VGA cards and PS/2 mouse interfaces is cheaper than buying
computers, and you could theoretically devise some scheme to pair up
screens and keyboards with virtual consoles...


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