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Subject2.0.27 axp : Sequential read from scsi CDROM device causes 95 % system load
Trying to copy a CD, i just noticed that reading big files from scsi CD decices
is nearly impossible at my DEC AS-400 running 2.0.27.

No matter how the read is done ( dd if=/dev/cdrom ... , cp /dev/cdrom >... ),
the reading process causes a system CPU load of 95%, the actual transfer rate
is about 100000 bytes / second.

Switching back to 2.0.20, the same commands work as they should.

Has anybody else seen this ?

Martin Cornelius, ZARMFAB software development, University of Bremen
phone: 49-421-218-4807 FAX: 49-421-218-3889
paper-mail: Hochschulring / Am Fallturm, 28359 BREMEN, Germany

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