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SubjectSCSI Modules
I'm sorry if this has been mentioned, my feed from this newsgroup has been
bad the past few days. :) Anyhow, it appears that a few of the scsi
modules are broken. I installed a modules patch for 2.1.20, which I am
running, the one Marcin Dalecki (sp?) made. It compiled fine, (there was a
prob in the makefile for i386_ksyms.c, but a sinch to change), and the
kernel booted well. modprobe loaded my watchdog, and my sound drivers, but
complained about unresolved symbols in all of my scsi drivers, 2 for
instance: __up_wakeup, and __down_failed, I think those are right, not in
front of me. :) Also, the loop back module would not load. Its problem was
just with __up_wakeup. Anyhow, I hope someone can help me, they aren't
critical, just a little important. Thanks. :)

Michael A. Ballbach: N0ZTQ

"You earth people have glorified violence for centuries, but imprisoned
those who do so separately." -- Spock

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