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SubjectRe: Suggestion for Linux 2.3

"David S. Miller" <> wrote:
>The filesystem will (ideally) not have to know this has happened. It
>will just be the same sized filesystem, but the partition itself will
>have new logical disk blocks it just isn't using.
>Then you can add hacks the filesystem specific code to allow for
>growing a filesystem like AIX does, after the above partition
>extending has been implemented.
>These are all non-trivial hacks.

which is why I don't think I'd be able to do the job :) Seriously, though,
Digital's approach seems to be to create a directory, /etc/fdmns/, which
in turn has subdirectories - eg, home_domain, root_domain, etc. - holding
symlinks to the partitions (/dev/rz0f, /dev/rz1f, etc.) contained within
the domain. 'Twould be interesting, but yes, the time would probably be
better spent (for the moment) on ext2.

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