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SubjectRe: Should depmod/modprobe really need libg++
Followup to:  <>
By author: Robin Becker <>
In newsgroup:
> I just tried out the latest 970301 modutils with Linus-2.1.20 still
> no luck.
> In addition depmod/modprobe requires yet another library libg++.
> Is this wise? My rescue disks are already large enough and since
> typical usage requires depmod & modprobe at boot more space is needed
> either for the additional library or for the libg++ bit to be statically
> linked in. I certainly don't remember libg++ being part of the essential
> libraries in the FSSTD. What's going on with the modutils?

Why on earth do you need these on a rescue disks? Just insmod the
modules you need, there is no need for you to have automatical module
dependencies (the primary customer of which is kerneld.)


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