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SubjectRe: How to increse [sic.] max open files?
Followup to:  <>
By author: (yuri mironoff)
In newsgroup:
> Forgive my ignorance but why not implement dynamic file descriptor
> allocation??? All these arguments about a maximum NR_OPEN would then
> become inconsequential.

It ain't so easy, and it's BSD's fault. select() has a very nice way
to ensure that a bitmask of file descriptors is the right size, but
the FD_* support routines immediately bungles that very nice idea by
effectively requiring the maximum number of file descriptors
(technically, the largest possible numerical value of a file
descriptor) to be known at compile time. There is no way in C to
implement a compatible interface, and have dynamic allocation,
although it is possible in C++ by using contructors/destructors.


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