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SubjectRe: __stop___ksymtab undefined
On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Peter K wrote:

> Hi gang
> I missed the thread regarding the moans at final linking of the kernel re
> undefined __stop___ksymtab, __start___ksymtab
> and __stop___ex_table, __start___ex_table
> I'm experiencing this on a P90 while on my own P166 I don't encounter this
> problem. This is with a freshly extracted 2.1.24 source tree.
The problem seem to be caused by too old version of binutils package. You
should use the latest one in sunsite/pub/Linux/GCC. In addition you should
recompile the package yourself. For some reason the precompiled package
causes the same problem. Somebody told that libc version may have
something to do with this so you may want to upgrade that too.

Best regards,

Hannu Savolainen (, (Open Sound System (OSS)) (OSS Free/TASD/VoxWare)

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