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SubjectRe: bzdisk boot failure
On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, John Fort wrote:

> >I compiled 2.0.27 with 'make bzdisk'. The compilation was successful, but
> >when I tried to boot with the floppy, I got
> >
> >Loading....
> >
> >Followed by a repeating series of:
> >
> >1010
> >AX:0212
> >BX:3400
> >CX:0001
> >DX:0000.
> >----
> >Bob Nielsen Internet:
> >Tucson, AZ AMPRnet:
> > AX.25:
> >
> >
> I had this about 8-9 times yesterday trying to get 2.1.20 to boot.
> Reformatted the floppy under DOS and found 23K of bad sectors.
> Possible coincidence?

I did a DOS format and it found no bad sectors. chkdsk didn't show any
problems either. I tried 'make bzdisk' again and the same problem
occured. Then I took an old boot disk, verified that it would still
boot, and did 'make bzdisk' with it. This time it booted.

Gee, maybe CompuServe has found a way to keep us from recycling all those
disks they include with computer magazines and in bulk mailings. Anyway,
that disk has gone into the circular file.


Bob Nielsen Internet:
Tucson, AZ AMPRnet:

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