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SubjectRe: UMAX Vista-S6E SCSI Interface card
Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> Guilhem Lavaux writes:
> >I've bought a few days ago an UMAX Scanner and, with it, an interface
> >card was given: UDS-IS11. I don't want to buy an Adaptec or another
> >SCSI card.
> >
> >Anyone known if there is a native SCSI driver written for this card
> >or else where can I fetch its specifications.
> That brand name doesn't tell us anything. Look at the chips on the
> board, and compare them against your options when configuring the
> kernel.
My vista S6 came with a DTC 3181 which should work with the DTC 3180
in the v 2.0.x kernel tree.
I havent used it since I use my vista with my mac only.


Jay Thorne,
the Net Result System Services

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