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SubjectRe: jaz-drive is sleeping
Lutz Kittler wrote originally:
> I have a problem with a Iomege-Jaz-Drive.
> When the jaz-drive is mounted and is not used for a
> longer time , then it is sleeping. That's okay,
> but after this you cannot access the device.

In response to Eugenio Jimenez Yguacel's question, "Which SCSI controller
do you have?", Lutz Kittler wrote:
> we use Adaptec 2940.
> Today I installed kernel 2.0.28, but I dont want to test the jaz-drive
> on a normal day, because the jaz-drive is on the file server.
> If I get the same problem, I will have troubles to do my backup.
> Which kernel do you use?

I bought a Jaz drive two months ago, at which point I was running Linux
2.0.25 on Redhat 4.0. I'd had tremendous trouble because my Adaptec
2940UW didn't like my SCSI cables, but after replacing them, everything
ran fine. Processes accessing a sleeping Jaz drive would hang, but once
the bugger was up to speed, things ran fine. The only program that has
had trouble with a sleeping Jaz drive has been e2fsck, which would give me
the "Are you REALLY sure there's something on that device" error message
once the drive has spun up, but the e2fs programs on my machine -- and the
kernel (I'm still running 2.0.25) -- need to be upgraded.

Christopher A. Smith
Arlington VA *

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