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SubjectRe: A packaged kernel
Another possibility involves having a custom kernel compiled and emailed to
you. This would possibily be implimented easiest via a web page interface,
where a series of boxes could be checked to indicate what was needed.
Indeed, an html interface for compilation selection options on your own
hardware would be nice. What would need to be mailed I assume is the
zImage, and the appropriate header files. Is there anything else programs
need to reference in the source tree? The question of why to do this
versus allowing ftp access could probably be answered via a measurement of
the load on the system. Additionally, since an average compile time could
be estimated once the host hardware was identified, a response to the
request could include an expected delivery time. Obviously, the compile
could 'niced' to cause minimal load on a system used for real work. The
nice thing about that is a control of only one compile at a time could be
implemented. Which takes overall less system time: The compilation and
emailing of a custom compiled kernel with any necessary support files, or
the ftp session to download 7 MB? Is there anyone out there who would be
willing to do this as an experiment? Someone with a fast Alpha or an
unused Sun maybe.

Billy Harvey

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