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SubjectRe: Linux vs. NT for Developers
Juergen Sauer ( wrote:
: Following the thread 'Good points of Linux over NT', I collected my
: thoughts about Linux and NT. This hits not the topic of this group
: exactly, but it touches developer's topics ...

: ++ Development System belongs to -- no development sys
: the OS
--- ?
: +++ X11R6, networkcapable GUI --- Windows GUI is not Networkcapable
: (running Remote Programms) (cost much $$$$ extra)

I can fully confirm these two points. I had to develop software in both
operating systems (using a commercial C++ compiler for NT) and the
differences are remarkable. Windows NT does not provide you with any
core dumps, back trace or similar debugging options, which makes debugging
more or less a "read through your code again" task (despite the expensive
development kit) Linux and GNU provide excellent compilers and debuggers
which greatly help you create stable and reliable code. X11R6, Motif, Tcl/Tk
are very suitable GUI environments/libraries, very well documented by the way.


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