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Subjectsome more advocacy
If this is too off-topic, please feel free to flame me. :)

At the school that I'm attending, in Munich/Germany, we will receive two
PCs each having an ISDN line for use as Internet clients. People agree
that we need a central server which does the INet routing and mail and
news fetching. For a start there will only be one server and two clients
with the server owning both lines.
The teachers are preferring WinNT 4. Is the recently discovered telnet 135
bug a good argument against it? Will Microsoft fix it anytime soon? Are
there any objective comparisons of net performance? Does NT have something
like cron? Is it able to fetch mail for local users via SMTP from a remote
host? How about network security with NT?

Is it possible to run Linux as a File Server for Win95 clients on top of
TCP/IP ? That would be extremely handy.

I just think that convincing the teachers of the useability of Linux could
be a major step.

Thanks very much for your time.


Stephan Meyer

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