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SubjectBlinking again
I have just done a ftp search and found noblink-1.7.tgz. I looked
inside and found a patch for 2.0.27. Well, I have been
patching my kernels ever since noblink-1.0 and until linux-2.0.28. And
then surprise, the patch gets rejected on the new development kernels
because of some new code than I just don't understand too much. (Somebody
changed drivers/char/vga.c a bit; there is this new write_vga() function
and all)

Anyway why hasn't this so stable (at least it appears so) patch
made its way into any of the development kernels? The effect is so unique
and pleasing to the eye.

Greetings to all night owls,


_(\<._ Jakob Saternus IFA UAM <>
(_)/ (_) PGP Public Key via 'finger'; `ed' rulez

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