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SubjectRe: L68K: RFD: m68k console driver integration

> This is an attempt in merging the Linux/m68k console driver
> (arch/m68k/kernel/console.c) with drivers/char/console.c. Before I try to get
> it integrated in the official kernel sources, I'd like to discuss it here.

I didn't look yet closer on your driver. I worked on a similiar driver,
but it's now on my crashed harddisk (and of course no backup), sometimes
I get some data from the disk, but not what I want. Does someone has
an idea?
Anyway, I integrated some more features (mainly multimonitor support for
the console) and it was nearly ready for an alpha release, so I'm even
even more depressed. I'm planning to call Western Digital in the next
days, it would be really a pity, if my work will be lost.


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