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SubjectRe: genksyms == /dev/null ?!?

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, James G. Stallings II wrote:

> I've been getting quite a few (1 or two on most runs) "Internel compiler
> error: rec'd signal 11" type messages. I have a hard time believing its
> the source code, 'cause the same code (completely unmodified) will almost
> always compile on the next attempt. If anyone thinks it worth chasing
> down, I'll post the gcc output...

At the present state of art it means only one - check your hardware -
especially external cache on your motherboard. If switching off external
cache in BIOS setup makes it compile without errors (but much slower), then
comply to your supplier. I do not know a better hardware test for a machine
than to compile a Linux kernel. You may just set the slowest mode and try.

To developers: may be Linux version of gcc should give similiar explanation
on that error ?

Tomasz Motylewski

P.S. I had that problem, and I could not believe other people telling me
that. My computer passed all tests and worked so well under DOS (well, DOS
just failed occasionally, but that was normal).

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