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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
In article <> Alessandro Suardi <> writes:

Corporate users want to be able to scream "we are paying for your OS
so run and give us what we ask", they don't want to have to explain to
their top managers that Linus had a baby and he could not fix the bug
in the Linux kernel yesterday.

That doesn't mean that commercial software vendors will actually fix
the bug at all, much less in any reasonable amount of time.

The motto is "if something goes wrong the folks who gave me the OS are
responsible for that", which will never be true on Linux.

Responsibility does not equate with actually doing anything.
Microsoft may be responsible for bugs in Windows; does that mean that
they'll actually do anything about it if you're not a significant
revenue source for them?
Robert Krawitz <>

Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- mail
Tall Clubs International -- or 1-800-521-2512

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