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SubjectRe: NT basically sucks

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Illuminati Primus wrote:

> One more good reason why Linux is better than WindozeNT:
> Can anyone confirm this? On an NT4 server (maybe workstation too, I don't have it to try),
> if you telnet to port 135, type a bunch of junk (say 10-20 characters), hit enter and disconnect,
> the server's processor utilization will go up to 100%!!! The only fix I found was to reboot.

Oh give me a break - you can go one for one like that all day long.
Every system has bugs. Linux locked up from the "ping of death" - NT only
lost the tcp/ip service. WHAT DOES THAT PROVE??? The point of the
discussion was about absorbing the best features (or best concepts if you
like) from all the other operating systems and thus improving Linux. This
is definitely NOT the "lets list everything bad anyone's ever heard about NT"


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