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SubjectRe: Packaged Kernel
I can't agree more. I would rather spend 1~2 hours download the 7 MB
source code with my 14.4 Kb modem while I watching TV and eating my
dinner, than spend 1~2 hours pulling my hair out and trying to figure
out whether I need to download this module or not. wrote:
> Some other numbers that I think are relevant:
> 1 year ago the common hard drive size ~500megs with 1.2gig being the biggest
> that most people were buying. Now 1gig+ is the common size and 3gigs is the
> common purchase size for people not running DOS.
> 1 year ago 14K4 Internet access was still pretty common. Now it seems that
> 28K8 is the bare minimum and 33K6 is becoming very common. ISDN and cable
> modems are now starting to be found in homes.
> If hard drive size and Internet connection speed double, then is the doubling
> of the kernel source archive size an issue?
> Russell Coker
> PS I still think that the way to go is to have some scripts to allow the
> upload of a .config file to a web server which will then send a .tgz file with
> complete compiled kernel and modules. I'll run it on my server if someone else
> writes it.

Max Chern, Unix Software Engineer | Voice: 213-644-9600
EarthLink Network, Inc. | Fax: 213-644-9542 | 3171 Los Feliz Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90039

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