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SubjectRe: NT basically sucks
Hi there!

> No need to flame me :) It's the OS of my choice hehe.

OK, let's flame NT only. :))

> But you know there are things which windows does better than UNIX. GUI :)

Hey! Even that is arguable. Micro$oft's interface is cute, but doesn't
come even close to X when functionality is the point. Ever tried to have a
"top" or something alike running in all your stations and displaying in
your own administration machine?

Heck, I've so far even run Netscape in one of my university's RS6k (ugh)
displaying in my Linux station using a 14400 modem! :)) The display was a
little (I mean, a LOT!:) slow, but the net access was much quicker :).

Not to speak about multihead or having several X-Terminals as a single
screen logically.

> Well anyways, just wanted to let you guys know that Linux is da BEST for me.

OK, you're forgiven. :))

( Fabio Olive Leite )
( Computer Science Student )
( )
( Running Linux is like running an Amiga; )
( It gives you that "I don't buy Microsoft" feeling... )

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