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SubjectRe: Packaged Kernel
On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, David Woodhouse wrote:

> > PS I still think that the way to go is to have some scripts to allow the
> > upload of a .config file to a web server which will then send a .tgz file with
> > complete compiled kernel and modules. I'll run it on my server if someone else
> > writes it.
> I've seen one of these. I can't find the URL for it now. It was just a CGI
> script which made the kernel for you after giving you a form to configure
> it. The compiled kernel was stored in a subdirectory on the FTP site which
> was probably some hash function of the config options, so if someone else
> later requested the same one, a recompile wasn't necessary.
> Alternatively, a lot of people would be happy with a precompiled kernel
> with a selection of modules to go with it. Of course, not everything can
> be implemented as a module, but it'd do for a fair number of people in the
> limited-bandwidth category, I should think.
> P.S. I did search for the web site, honest, but....
> > Excite Search found 1111785 document(s) about : CGI kernel compile.

lycos found it really easy-like. :)

Custom Linux Kernels Early Access Custom Linux Kernel Generator
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So, um, yay, I guess I don't have to think or anything and do this one
myself. :)

Greg Alexander

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