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SubjectRevesrse arp daemon for linux
I have a Milan fast port printer network server. This little box
sends arp packets over the network saying that here is my ethernet address
does any body know my IP. Usually under Solaris a machine would be running
reverse arp daemon rarpd which knows the ethernet address (/etc/ethers)
sends the IP address of the Milan fast port. Then Milan fast ports set its
Voltile memory with its IP and becomes operational on the ethernet.

Do we have reverse arp daemon(rarpd) for linux? If yes where can I get it?
If not what is the alternative for this problem?

Ramneek Singh Randhawa
Software Systems Engineer MSGID : RSRT, GROUP-ID : UNIX
UNIX Systems and Services PHONE : 972-997-2548, GROUP : N/A
Semi Conductor Group & Intl. Pager : 972-598-0313, Fax : 972-997-2420
Texas Instruments PC Drop : N/A
Mailing Address - M/S 8366, P.O. Box 655303, Dallas Tx. 75265
Shipping Address - M/S 8366, 8330 LBJ Fwy. Dallas Tx. 75243

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