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SubjectATI's Graphic Ultra+ and its mouse

[cc to linux kernel in hope that someone has exactly the same gfx card,
as it ineed seem be problem w/ kernel]


I have heard that you are the person who wrote the driver to
busmouse. Thus I was wondering if you could help me w/ this one.

I have an "ATI Graphic Ultra +" ISA card, but the problem is that
opposite to fact that it works under dos w/out any problems, and Microsfot
driver does not have any problems /w finding it, I can't get for nothing
in world to work under Linux, thus I was wondering if you could help me. I
can quote the Busmouse-HOWTO from memory, etc. Anyways here are relevant

1) from the manual:
it has 9pin connector. it is "Microsfot Inport compatibile mouse"
mouse port addresses can be 23Ch-23Fh (primary) 238h-23Bh (secondary)
IRQ's can be 2,3,5,10

both selectable by dos softare, (btw: the software shows only 2,3,4,5
irqs not 2,3,5,10 like is in manual)

the kernel config goes as follows (as you can see it has minial set of
drivers there)

[adam@sulmicki linux]$ grep ^CONFIG min.styx.cfg.2
[adam@sulmicki linux]$

also an qutoe from Busmouse-HOWTO, which suggest that
ATI's Graphic Ultra+ mosue card is not equal to ATI-XL mouse.

2.2. Inport mice.
Inport mice generally connect to an
interface card which plugs into the bus on your motherboard. If the
plug which connects your mouse cord to the interface card is round,
has 9 pins, and a notch in one side you likely have an Inport mouse.
As far as I can tell, apart from the ATI-XL, all ATI mice (such as
those on the Graphics Ultra cards) are plain Inport mice.

finally I first was testing it on an 486 motherboard, but it would not
work, so I took an p120 motherboard took out all but the gfx card,
disabled serial ports,paralled, floppy controller and 2nd IDE controller,

but it still would not work

I also have tried it on various irq's (yup changed both linux source code
and the mouse irq via dos program), as well as changing the I/O base,
neitehr would make kernel report it (ie show any message during bootup)

tring something like

gpm -t bm -m /dev/atibm (c 10, 3)
pm: /dev/atimouse: No such device
gpm -t bm -m /dev/inportbm (c 10, 2)
pm: /dev/inportbm: No such device

any help? i really would like to have it working on that 486, but due to
braindead limitations of x86 architecture the serial mouse is not option.

(3com 503 cards wants _only_ irq 5, modem wants only irq 3, or 4, and
the VT over serial wants also only 3,4,5), so the only hope is the
ATI mouse thru irq 2 (, tried of sharing irq betwen modem and
serial mouse, but as soon as I would try specify UART by setserial
the screen would go blank)


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