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SubjectRe: Mono terminal patches...
On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, David Woodhouse wrote:

->> > Does the code for running a tty on a mono monitor & card (as well as your
->> > honest and good colour one) live in the kernel source or are there a set
->> > of majik patches to grab from somewhere (if at all)..?
->> Last time I looked, there were dualmon patches on sunsite somewhere. I
->> don't think they ever got integrated.
->They're a bit out of date. Given that our beloved engineering department
->took this week to giving away old Hercules monitors, and I already had
->such a card, I thought I'd load my box down with some more random
->hardware. I've updated mda (clumsily) to work with kernel 2.1.x
->It's at

A bit browsing rewealed this project:

Linkname: Multi-headed Linux

There you can find all patches which appeared so far for support of
multiple monitors, and the updated multi-mon patch for debianized
kernel 2.0.0


it applies almost cleanly against regular kernel if you skip all debian
stuff, the only one problem is drivers/char/selection.c where are two
rejects. If I find some spare time (and nobody do it before me) I'll fix
it so that it applies cleanly against 2.0.28. Also, I have an bit more
recent release of the multi-mon patch than the one on which debian patch
was based on. It add support that one can use alt-<left,right>arrow to
change montors, some mouse bug fixes and some other stuff.

I have sutffed some of those stuff at if anyone
is interested.


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