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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
> > Another idea is support for cross-development, perhaps supporting (or 
> > translating) code from IDEs like Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland stuff,
> > etc. Perhaps a free implementation of the Microsoft Foundation Classes,
> > for X/UN*X, that could be compiled with g++?
> Now _this_ is an idea. There's already Bruce Wampler's "V" library that
> allows the same code to run under X or Windows...a free version of the MFC
> would open up a (if we buy Microsoft's hype, anyway) whole world of
> painlessly ported software for Linux (and UNIX in general).

Also in the same genre as "V" is Qt, a C++ GUI framework hosted on both
X11/unix and Windows. It's an excellent toolkit, much better MFC IMHO.
I never did get to use "V", so I can't really compare them.

The only downside to Qt is it license, wich is free if the applications
that you develope with are free. If you charge for your app, then they
chare for the library. And, the Windows version is always under a for
pay license.

More info at:

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