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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)
>>   I'm not sure that we are both thinking of the same thing here.  My idea is to
>> have 2 different ways of connecting the klogd/syslogd to the kernel
>> (differently named AF_UNIX sockets). The old klogd/syslogd uses the same
>> method it has always done (and gets plain text), the new klogd/syslogd connect
>> to the new sockets and get symbolic data or plain text (have to output just
>> plain text for all the messages using the old ptinfk()). Also the new
>> interface should IMHO only output the symbolic information when it's available
>> (no point sending essentially the same data twice).

> Not all that good of an idea, since the we'd have to have TWO buffers that
>would eat up more kernel memory if klogd is slow... Do it in user space -

We wouldn't have 2 buffers unless we have 2 copies of klogd (both old and
new versions) running concurrantly. If you have a need for both the old and
new versions running concurrantly then you have to pay the price of wasting a
bit of memory.

Russell Coker

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