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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over NT (fwd)
Forwarded message:
> From: Roger Espel Llima <>
> Subject: Re: Good point of Linux over NT

> According to Sun's manpages these interfaces look like they're
> Sun-specific, but some POSIX spec gets mentioned in the manpage for
> aio_read (notice the underscore), which isn't "yet implemented on
> Solaris".

I just checked on a Digital Unix system and it does not have a manpage
for aioread, but it does have one for aio_read. The references at the
bottom of the aio_read page pointed to another function called
lio_listio, which looks more interesting. I cant tell if its POSIX,
but it also appears on Solaris and in the API for the unix that
HP and SCO are developing ( )
Here is the top of the manpage:

lio_listio(3) lio_listio(3)


lio_listio - Initiate a list of asynchronous I/O requests


#include <aio.h>

int lio_listio (
int mode,
struct aiocb *list[],
int nent,
struct sigevent *sig );


Determines whether the lio_listio function returns when the I/O opera-
tions are completed or as soon as the operations are queued. The mode
argument can have a value of either LIO_WAIT or LIO_NOWAIT.

Anyway I thought this might be interesting.


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