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    Subjectqueuing & scheduling hints needed
    Linux kernel I have:
    2.0.x - I can upgrade if needed
    PCI bus to VME bus adaptor of bit3 ( model 617 ) for physics
    writing driver for the device with mmap & DMA together, when DMA
    demands cease of all the other activities on the device ( on the
    bus-to-bus cable ) incl interrupts.
    my experience:
    SunOs drivers for different SPARCS ,also for VME adaptors on SPARC.
    Slow control & data acquisition for physics
    Linux Kernel Beginner
    my question:
    asking good hints in queuing & scheduling & process control

    Dear Linux Gurus,
    I have a device which is nice to write a driver to, except
    for one thing. The device has it's own DMA engine.For the
    duration of it's DMA all the other activity have to cease.
    On the other side, the device allows to build VME bus access
    on PC, using mmap for slow control access ( several addresses)
    and read/write DMA access over several base VME spaces with
    lseek to set the DMA address.

    I can get the table of my user-processes collected them from the
    open/mmap calls in my driver. My question is how to put them to
    a short nap during my DMA in the most linux-like elegant way.

    After a bit more reading of kernel I can hack my way with
    the ax through tq_xxx queues of the sched.c, may be copying
    a bit of code. May be I will learn on time how to (un)mark them
    as awaiting I/O. I would like the kernel to do most of the job.
    Certainly you can give me a hint how to achieve my goal by
    something elegant & quick. I would also welcome recommendation
    of a good book concerning kernel services. I am using the kernel
    code and Linux Kernel Hacker's guide if Michael K.Johnson
    obtained from the net (+ several articles found also there).
    It's good, but I miss the index.

    Sincere greetings from your Linux Kernel Beginner

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