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SubjectSMP Kernel - "colgate" w/adaptec SCSI - Was "Learning Curve"


Thanks to all who responded to earlier posts; I seem to be back on-line
with a stable kernel, though I am still unable to run SMP (so far).

First some general ragging about "colgate":
There seems to be a bit too heavy an emphasis on modules. This looks like
a wonderfull thing in certain circumstances, but it would be nice be able
to conveiniently compile kernels with just a few built in drivers and skip
the inherent complexities of dynamically loaded drivers.

Enough bitching, though, I'm sure when I get the hang of it, I'll be a
good convert =^)

Which brings me to the point:

I'm clueless about a few things:

o Where can I find good patches for the kernel source?
o Whats the scoop on modules? Seems like I'm missing a mission-critical
part of the big picture here: after a few runs through the
compile/install/test cycle I lose module source code (!) is it deleted
when you deselect a module from the make?
o Is there a colgate-specific FAQ or HOWTO so I can get the details
without pestering you good folk to death or reading acres of some
-digest list?

Thanks in advance, and thanks again for the 'getting started' pointers.


"If the very old will remember, the very young will listen."
-Chief Dan Eagle

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