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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
Hi there!

> In the german CT computer magazin (1/97) there is a weakness of NT mentioned
> (concerning File-IO) which lets look NT 4.0 as software in a Pre-Alpha
> release status.

Also, doesn't everybody still remember the article that was around
linux-kernel a few weeks ago, stating that NT has a scheduling bug that
allows any program to render a machine useless? Somebody may even have it
in ActiveX control somewhere in the web!

I think that if the guys at the so wonderful "Corporate America" don't
like facing risks, they shouldn't be on the game. And they're facing risks
anyway when buying from MickeySoft, because noone guarantees that money
alone produces bugfree software.

Would you rather take risks spending nothing or spending lotsa' money?

OK, back to lurk-mode!
( Fabio Olive Leite )
( Computer Science Student )
( )
( Running Linux is like running an Amiga; )
( It gives you that "I don't buy Microsoft" feeling... )

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