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SubjectRe: Does linux locks swap file?
Hi there,

> Hmm... strange. I'm unable to replicate this behavior, and the space used
> by the swapfile does _not_ get deallocated when the file is unlinked.
> However, there is a (small) problem here: since the swapoff procedure is
> filename-based and there is no way to reference an unlinked file by
> filename, you can't swapoff that file.
> Correcting this problem implies changing the parameters for sys_swapoff,
> which I definitely don't want to do.

Couldn't /proc/swaps help in taking care of this? In the most horrible
case, swapoff could just recreate the file pointing to the same inode, or
do some other hack based on /proc/swaps' information...

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( Running Linux is like running an Amiga; )
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