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SubjectRe: Mono terminal patches...
On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, ADAM Sulmicki wrote:

> By the way, the forementioned gfx card is "ATI Graphics Ultra +" w/ mouse
> attached to it. The mouse itself is an 9pin inport Microsfot Bus mouse. It
> works fine under dos, but for nothing in world I can't get it to run under
> Linux, I can quote from memory the BUSMOUSE-HOWTO, I have removed
> everything from the comp, but the gfx card and hdd controller (and
> motherboard) build minimal kernel (w/ just ext2fs and the mouse support)
> tried it on all irq's, yet it refuses to work. Tried to compile kernel /w
> diff irq than the default irq 5, tried it under other devices than the
> /dev/whatever_it_is_called_in_your_distrubution c 10,2
> Thus question, does anyone know someone having the "ATI Graphic Ultra+" w/
> (and preferably w/ the mouse working?)

I have the same card and was running using it up until a few months ago.
It's now in the spare-parts box for the moment ;-)

Here's the trick: The software that cam with the card can also reconfigure
the mouse. There are two address ranges (sorry, don't remember that they
were), and I'm getting the impression that the secondary range is the
default. The unfortunate thing is that the driver in the kernel only has
the primary address defined. Therefore, you must either boot to DOS (eew)
and change it (barring any conflicts, of course), or you have to modify
the kernel code.

If you either don't have the software anymore or don't have a DOS system
handy, I can load it up on one of my systems and give you the secondary
address range.

Hope that helps,

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