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SubjectRe: modutils-970118 problem
> I'm surprised the used count on cdrom isn't at least one. And why don't
> sr_mod and isofs get unloaded? Is it because the mount failed?

Ah, that isn't a used count, but a use count. It is not in use
at the moment.

As to why sr_mod and isofs don't get unloaded, it is a feature of the new
module system that is trying to prevent a race condition in kerneld.

What would happen is, on some IDE systems, it would take some time (more
than a minute) for the CD to come on line and begin reading data. In the
meantime, the isofs module got unloaded and so the mount failed. This
would happen over and over.

So The Plan is that kerneld won't automatically unload a module that has
never been used, so that we don't run into that situation.

I'm not sure how far along the chain you have to go in the scsi subsystem
before the bits trip to say that the module is in use, but at this point
I can only presume it wasn't far enough.


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