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Subjectpartition tables
The first time I saw this I thought it was a fluke and told my friend it
was his doing :) but now that it has happened to me on compleatly differnt
equipment I thought I would bring it up to the linux community.

I am useing my computer last thrusday and I turn my head and I look back
to find a black screen. Not only is the screen black but I find out than
it is locked. Ok no big deal right. Well I power cycle it and on the
screen I get the lovly NO SYSTEM DISK error. Well after some resurch
(will not too much) I find out that my partiton table just took a leap off
the deep end. Norton was able to find my dos partition(yuck). Sence then
I have been rebuilding my mach. Oh great fun.

BTW my mach is a AMD 486/160 in a Soyo MB with a Seagate 2.1G IDE HD. The
mach I saw this on before was a 386? with a WD 1.2G IDE.

Any Ideas?

-Mike Deal

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