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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)
' wrote with particular insight...'
> I'm not sure that we are both thinking of the same thing here. My idea is to
> have 2 different ways of connecting the klogd/syslogd to the kernel
> (differently named AF_UNIX sockets). The old klogd/syslogd uses the same
> method it has always done (and gets plain text), the new klogd/syslogd connect
> to the new sockets and get symbolic data or plain text (have to output just
> plain text for all the messages using the old ptinfk()). Also the new
> interface should IMHO only output the symbolic information when it's available
> (no point sending essentially the same data twice).

Not all that good of an idea, since the we'd have to have TWO buffers
that would eat up more kernel memory if klogd is slow... Do it in
user space - have klogd treat '[n]' specially from '<n>', and have
'[n]' reporting be a compile-time (or even LILO: time) switch on the kernel

Jason McMullan - Research Programmer, Robotics Institute, CMU

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