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SubjectRe: Single user mode

I have worked on dozens of different computing platforms from PCs
to SGIs to DEC Alpha machines. I've worked on routers and terminal servers
made by various companies as well -- not one of them could protect itself
from someone who had physical access to it.

What you need is a lock.


On 20 Jan 1997, Markus Gutschke wrote:

> - a system BIOS that has known backdoors, i.e. passwords that will
> always let you in?
> - a system BIOS that supports hot-keys for clearing the entire CMOS
> memory including the password?
> I still believe that the PC architecture does not provide any
> reasonable security, if you can gain physical access to the
> machine. Other architectures might be better off, but it appears that
> most of them still have some exploitable backdoors.

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